Once a Maker,
Always a Maker.

Our virtual community is there to hold you accountable and support you through this intensive, transformative experience, and then, to help you in your new field as a professional network.

Learn with the support of our buzzing community

The supportive learning environment we cultivate at Makers is fundamental to the success of our developers, and it’s just as effective regardless of whether the cohort community is on slack, on zoom, or onsite.

Support from the other cohort members was so important, I feel we were all there for each other and that helped a lot.

Student, Oct ’19


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Pair programming daily

Pairing helps you learn because it gives you a structure to communicate. By practicing how to explain new concepts to one another you’ll accelerate your learning and develop the essential collaboration skills you’ll need in a modern software environment. 

“I have always tended to enjoy working alone more, so mandatory pairing was a big shift in learning style for me. But I learnt so much from other cohort members, or by explaining my understanding to other cohort members.

Makers invests more in its alumni community than any other bootcamp. Not only do our graduates receive post-course support from the Coaching Team both technically and with career and interview preparation, we also pride ourselves in having a thriving and engaged alumni community stretching long into people’s careers, all overseen by our Alumni Community Manager, Tommy.

  • Makers is the oldest software developer bootcamp in Europe. In the last 6 years, we have trained over 2,200 developers.
  • Our alumni community is engaged on our alumni forum, they attend networking events, and upskilling trainings Makers organises for them.
  • When you join Makers, you join a community of developers who are already working in tech. It’s not just a course: it’s a professional network.

Meet our Chief Joy Officer

Dana is a holistic coach for students and staff, as well as our in-house yoga teacher, running Vinyasa sessions twice per week, and our meditation teacher, taught daily which is coupled with an emotional intelligence curriculum. Watch her interview to find out what makes Makers different, and read her blog on how Work Should Give You Energy

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Come and see what all the fuss is about! Visiting Makers either virtually or irl is a great opportunity to meet students, coaches and soak in the Makers atmosphere.

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