Case Study: Deloitte

How Makers is creating a bespoke recruitment service for Deloitte

About Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the world’s largest global integrated tech consulting firms, having worked with the top FTSE100 global companies for over 160 years. They are a global leader in digital transformation and employ over a quarter of a million professionals globally. 

As a result, they’re always looking for technical talent that can innovate efficiently, proactively and creatively. Wanting to recruit those with outstanding attitude and aptitude, they turned to Makers to help them find driven individuals who are keen to learn new skills and technologies.

“I remember Deloitte coming to Makers saying that they wanted to hire 4 people. We sent them 12. Deloitte ended up hiring 8,” says Will Bentinck, the Client Partner who helps Deloitte integrate developers successfully onto their teams. 

“And it’s not the first time that’s happened. That’s how incredibly high-density the shortlist we send to them is. Deloitte have hired more than 70% of the Makers we’ve sent them in shortlists.”

Why Makers?

We provide a bespoke recruitment service with three key elements that appeal to Deloitte:

  • The maturity and commercial experience of our Makers is a great fit for the consultancy environment;
  • Makers trains people in the way Deloitte wants to do software – using modern techniques and XP values;
  • We make it easy to hire – we deliver high quality shortlists and turn around hires in weeks, not months.

This bespoke service results in Deloitte hiring more than 70% of the candidates sent by Makers, and more than 95% of those hires stay in long-term careers at Deloitte, often getting promoted rapidly.

An easy, efficient stream of mature, quality talent 

In the past, Deloitte’s strategy for hiring junior software developers was centered around the time of year when university students graduated, meaning that they were looking to support their recruitment with additional hires throughout the year. The approach to teaching at Makers was appealing to an organisation that needed to hire frequently, and fast.

The ease of hiring is a crucial element: Makers produces high quality shortlists and turns around hires in weeks, not months. Also, the maturity and commercial experience of our developers is good for a consultancy environment.

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“Makers Academy is a Conveyor Belt of Awesome. There’s no other source of recruitment I’d put this much energy into.” 

- Martin Aspeli (Head of Engineering at Deloitte Digital)

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“Our clients are no longer happy with a common approach. They want invention. They want people to think outside of the box.” 

– Neil Brown (Partner and Testing & Quality Engineering Lead)

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“I have an excellent mentor who is a vim wizard, and I have catch ups with a coach at Makers too. I find myself joining side projects in the wider company, taking part in hackathons.”

- Vivien Tang (previous Pathway Maker at Deloitte Digital)

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Makers trains people in the way Deloitte wants to do software – using modern techniques and XP values

We have flexibility across functions and support Deloitte across any part of the business they want us to work with. We have placed successful developers in all of these different areas at Deloitte: 

– Web and mobile app development

– Infrastructure – cloud engineering, platform engineering, devops, etc.

– Testing – especially test automation and quality engineering

– Enterprise applications

– Salesforce engineering

This in turn helps Deloitte deliver on the breadth of projects they work on with their clients. 

We make it easy to hire – we deliver high quality shortlists and turn around hires in weeks, not months

Our high-quality talent pool is largely due to our rigorous selection process for our training course. Before people even start our training, Makers is filtering for independent self-starters who are proactive, open-minded and emotionally intelligent – all qualities highly-valued by Deloitte.

More specifically, before someone trains at Makers they are assessed according to: 

  • How quickly they learn (Code)
  • Their ability to exchange ideas with others (Communication)
  • Their self-belief (Confidence)
  • Their technical skill (Competence) 

Makers trains people in the way Deloitte wants to do software (e.g. modern techniques).

As a consultancy, Deloitte’s engineers are constantly working in different technologies, which is why Makers candidates proved to be a great match. An ability to teach yourself new things is ingrained into the curriculum at Makers Academy, and everyone is passionate about learning new skills.

After the training is complete, the Makers bespoke recruitment service designed for Deloitte identifies the most suitable candidates, who are most likely to be successful in the firm.

Why the Pathway? 

The Pathway programme is bespoke to match your internal progression framework. We work with your tech teams to build and design a learning plan that accelerates the developer’s learning trajectory and works to integrate the developers seamlessly into your teams. 

By choosing Makers Pathway, you get a junior developer within a couple of weeks, and they accelerate from there. This has been a popular option at Deloitte, with 43 Makers building successful careers there via the Pathway.

Outside of the Pathway, 25% of Makers get promoted to ‘mid-level’ in their first year – but on the Pathway at Deloitte, 86% of Makers have been promoted after just one year.

One Maker who joined Deloitte on the Pathway was Kate Morris – you can read more about her story here


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